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Special Terms and Conditions

We offer favourable Terms and Conditions even for suppliers with small volumes

Flexible System of Purchasing under Fixed Prices and Formulas 

Improved Conditions for Pd

Low minimum deduction and high recovery rate

Financing of the Goods

For regular suppliers we can finance up to 50% of a lot right after delivery to the Port of destination and until the final sampling 

Fixed Prices

We have the ability of obtaining fixed prices with fast payments for both poor materials (from Au 20 ppm) and very rich materials (processors, memories, etc.)

Statistics of the Acceptance of our and our Partners' Materials

Statistics of the acceptance of our own and our partners's materials are proven to show much better results on Au, Ag, Pd, Cu than competitors in Europe and Japan

The Ability to Supply in one Lot

Customers can combine different type of E-Scrap for several destinations in a single shipment

Expert Technical and Logistic Support

Expert technical and logistics support is provided to our clients for the supply of Electronic Scrap     






Full Transparency

Automatic method/process of sampling, with clear and transparent sampling results for our clients from a Refinery in Japan.